Delandre and the Bonne Année 1920 Stamps

Published in October 2020.

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     For over a hundred years, the origins of the Bonne Année 1920 stamps have been a mystery. Who produced the hundreds of colourful stamps with Merry Christmas 1919 / Happy New Year 1920 slogans, citing towns from France, England, Canada and other countries? New research has revealed the source: Gaston Fontanille, better known as “Delandre”, a notorious con man who produced over 3500 WWI military, Red Cross and patriotic stamps.

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About the Book

Delandre and the Bonne Année 1920 Stamps details how Delandre produced the Bonne Année 1920 stamps, and some porte-timbre stamps, under the auspices of a fake charity to raise funds for the war-devastated regions of France. Colour images complement a revised listing of the stamps. A detailed timeline of the major events in his life helps us better understand Delandre, the genius and the scoundrel behind the stamps. Format: 6 x 9 inches, softcover, 136 pages, including a 4-page index, figures, and 30 colour plates.

About the Author

Ronald G. Lafrenière is a retired  genetics researcher and consultant who has contributed to the fields of migraine, epilepsy and other neurological disorders.  He has been collecting Canadian stamps since he was 10, and more recently became a fan of Canadian Cinderella stamps.  He lives in Montreal, Canada.

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