1st Edition

2nd Edition


These checklists are intended to be a companion to the "Field Guide to the Cinderella Stamps of Canada" by R.G. Lafreniere.  Each checklist is a summary of all the stamps described in the first or second editions of the book, and all the catalogue numbers assigned.  I have found such a list to be a great help in keeping track of the inventory of my Canada Cinderella stamp collection.  I have chosen Excel as a file type as it is very easy to add rows (for new stamps) or columns (e.g. to count how many mint or used stamps are in your personal collection).  As an easy reference, each cell can be colored when a stamp is collected. I use yellow for a used stamp or cover, and green for a mint or uncancelled stamp. Of course you can devise your own tracking system or color schemes. The checklist can also be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper, and the inventory done using a highlight marker, pen or pencil. I hope you find this checklist useful.  Have fun discovering Canada Cinderella stamps.


Even though every effort is made to verify the information in the Field Guide, inevitably some errors or inaccuracies do slip through.  Here then is a list of corrections identified since each edition of the Field Guide has been published. Each list will be updated on a regular basis as needed.

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