Here are a few examples of some Canada Cinderella stamps you can find described in the Field Guide.

Many of the artists that would go on to form the Group of Seven worked at a graphics design firm in Toronto named Grip Ltd.  In 1923, Grip Ltd produced a set of Toronto promotional stamps in an elaborate Art Deco style, reminiscent of the style adopted by Franklin Carmichael about that time.  Did one of the Group of Seven design these stamps, which were also used to promote the Canadian National Exhibition?
canadian national exhibition grip limited art deco stamp
This looks like an old Newfoundland stamp but it's actually a forgery produced by the Spiro Brothers, perhaps the most prolific of British North America stamp forgers.  A whole chapter in the Guide is devoted to forgeries.
newfoundland forgery spiro brothers bros 13c boat fake boat cinderella stamp
Coronations and jubillees associatiated with the British monarchy are popular in Canada, which still retains support for the Crown.  A chapter in the Guide details stamps commemorating these events, including this seal produced by the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire in 1937.
coronation seal imperial order of the daughters of the empire KGVI 1937 cinderella stamp

 WWI and WWII propaganda labels encouraged the public to keep up morale, and helped fund the war efforts.  A whole chapter on propaganda labels, including economic, military, cultural, religious and political propaganda, can be found in the Guide.

stick it canada buy more victory bonds patriotic wwi propaganda cinderella stamp 1918 military canadian soldier

S. Allan Taylor began his career as a stamp collector and dealer in Montreal in the 1860's.  He was notorious for creating and selling bogus local post stamps to collectors and other dealers who were easily hoodwinked at the time.  The Guide contains a whole chapter on Taylor's Canadian creations, such as this Bell's Dispatch stamp, and other fantasy labels.

samuel allan taylor s.a. bell's dispatch bogus local stamp montreal concordia salus
Where the government does not deliver mail due to remoteness, or labor problems, there are individuals who set up private delivery services to ensure the mail keeps going.  These "local or strike posts" of course print their own stamps, which are popular with collectors.  A chapter in the Field Guide illustrates these fine Canadian collectibles, such as this Alice in Wonderland stamp from the Kaulbach Island Local Carriage Service, located off the coast of Nova Scotia.
third canadian philatelic exhibition beaver montreal 1925 philatelic exhibition seal canada

This was the first Canadian stamp issued to commemorate a philatelic exhibition  held in Montreal in 1925.  There's a full chapter devoted to  these types of philatelic exhibition seals in the Guide.

prince edward island tunnel stamp we must have it horseshoe propaganda good luck cinderella stamp new brunswick nova scotia

Prince Edward Island, the smallest of Canada's provinces, used to be one of its most isolated as winter ice made the trip to the mainland nearly impossible.  Plans to build a tunnel connecting the island to New Brunswick were aroused early in the 20th century.  But the plans got no further than producing an interesting propaganda stamp!

delandre canada 57th regiment soldier military propaganda cinderella stamp war military soldier patriotic

Gaston Fontanille, a.k.a. Delandre, produced thousands of stamps with military themes, mainly depicting the French army.  However, when he produced and sold Red Cross stamps and failed to share the proceeds with the Red Cross, it landed him in jail! His military vignettes are very popular with collectors.

united empire loyalists donation stamp canadian aviation fund lick the stamp to lick the hun aero club of canada zeppelin cinderella stamp

In 1918, the United Empire Loyalists set up a Canadian Aviation Fund to help support a WWI pilot training school in Toronto.  This stamp was used in the fundraising campaign. A  wide variety of charity and fundraising stamps are described in the Guide.

vancouver golden jubilee 1936 boat stamp cinderella

Events such as anniversaries, fairs, or exhibitions were often celebrated by issuing stamps, such as this Vancouver Golden Jubilee stamp from 1936.  A chapter on Dated Event stamps in the Guide highlights these wonderful miniaturized advertising posters.

Private companies embraced the opportunity to advertise themselves or their products through poster stamps.  These were usually rather large and brightly colored, to capture attention.  During times of war these labels sometimes had patriotic slogans.  The Guide has a chapter devoted to Corporate Advertising stamps, such as this one from a Montreal paint and chemical manufacturer.

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