Here are a few more examples of Canada Cinderella stamps you can find described in the Field Guide.

visit ottawa fair aug 22-29 1925 die cut label pumpkin cinderella seal sticky stamp
canadian legion per capita tax stamp 1926 1927 1928
keep the goods & the money too order canadian products patriotic cinderella stamp made in canada
soeurs grises de la croix maison mere bruyere ottawa
saint vincent's home 1938 christmas seal cinderella stamp charity vancouver please help us extend the work of st vincent's home stamp
reversed 3c king george V canada essay imperforated
norwegian relief fund canada canadian charity WWII war cinderella stamp seal
Canada's Navy St. John N.B. place to buil the ships boat destroyer maple ship
musgrove's national business college stamp inland revenue canada canadian
purity flour western canada flour mills cinderella advertising poster stamp seal
ekko verified radio reception stamp cnra beaver cinderella
visit toronto coat of arms cinderella stamp tourism canadian canada
nova scotia specimen francois fournier forgery cinderella stamp canada
winnipeg pembina bileski 1982 local post canada usa boat strike mail cinderella stamp
edward VIII coronation 1937 die-cut seal cinderella stamp label sticky
trading stamp quebec gold star 10c mercantile redeemable savings
Columbia Coast mission help them in their hour of need boat
vancouver fair sept 8-13 1919 sheep
coeur de jesus notre roi sauvez notre patrie le canada francais carillon sacre coeur quebec cinderella stamp timbre patriotique
maritime & newfoundland airways 1931 cinderella stamp airmail
sherbrooke 1837 p.q. 1937 rocher au pin solitaire lone pine rock
confederation celebration charlottetown pei p.e.i. prince edward island 1914 1864 cinderella stamp confederation's cradle map
imperial oil esso see canada clear lake be sure to see manitoba cinderella stamp
labrador usa post office one dollar newfoundland cinderalla bogus stamp 1908 seal eskimo
essay canada 4c indian head iroquois warrior stamp imperforated
CKY CKX Manitoba Calling Winnipeg Monarchs goalie hockey

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