Here is a selection of comments received about the Field Guide, 1st Edition:

“I must say simply it is magnificent. I am impressed that it is possible to get a nice book printed for a reasonable price. Overall I am very impressed with its layout, the huge amounts of information, and excellent production quality. Well done.” 

- CR, Canada, May 2012


“Your book arrived today and I have only 3 comments: 1) WOW !   2) WOW !; and  3) WOW !  I am really impressed and I can't wait to read it from cover to cover.”

- AD, Canada, May 2012


“Received your FANTASTIC Field Guide today and am really amazed at your high quality book. Congratulations again on a great endeavor and a beautiful product.”

- BM, USA, May 2012


“Received your book today.  Great book. Will get hours of enjoyment reading it. It seems to cover a huge swath of issues.”

- LK, USA, May 2012


“Just received my catalog and I am thrilled.   The color and feel of the book is terrific.”

- PK, Canada, May 2012


“A fantastic work.   A great Catalog.”

- CK, United Kingdom, May 2012


“Your catalogue is great!”

- MS, Canada, May 2012


“Je suis impressionné par la richesse, la quantité et la variété de l'information, la qualité des illustrations et de façon générale, de la qualité de ton ouvrage. Pour un coup d'envoi, c'est un coup de maître !”

- AD, Canada, May 2012



- HH, USA, May 2012


“Arrived today, absolutely beautiful. Thanks”

- DB, USA, June 2012

My congratulations, a fine effort – well illustrated and heaps of information – the pricing is also a help to dealers like me who are often in the dark as to the value of an item they would like to sell.

- WJ, New Zealand, June 2012

Great book, wonderful packaging with highly collectable stamps. I did order this book for our club library, but am so glad to have the summer with it first. Have already printed off the checklist and am ready to start the search...

- PB, Canada, June 2012

Terrific book!!!

- SF, Canada, June 2012

Thank you for providing such an outstanding reference on this eclectic subject.

- RL, Canada, July 2012

For those interested in Canadian cinderellas, the Field Guide is a tremendously valuable book and certainly worth a place on one’s bookshelf.

- Ken Grant, The Cinderella Philatelist, July 2012, p. 98.

“When I first saw the title of Field Guide to the Cinderella Stamps of Canada, my birdwatcher instincts rebelled a bit at “Field Guide.” Having seen the book, however, the title is exactly right. There are so many “species” and “subspecies” of Canadian Cinderella stamps that trying to identify one is equivalent to looking through a birding field guide....Having read almost every line of all 234 pages, I can attest to the HUGE amount of work that has gone into this undertaking, and that the work is not “just” a listing of stamps and labels. With very few exceptions, each entry gives a description of the entity that produced the stamp(s), the reason for doing so, dates of issue, and sizes of the items where known. All have catalogue numbers, as well as estimated prices or scarcity indications. It is also a compendium—of sorts—of over 100 years of social and business life in Canada....The amount of effort that has gone into this book is just phenomenal. Ron Lafrenière deserves hearty congratulations from anyone interested in any and all aspects of non-postal Canadian stamps.”

- Mike Street, BNA Topics, Volume 69, Number 3, July–September 2012

Je suis émerveillé du contenu et de l’information qu’on y trouve. C’est un catalogue qui est définitivement bienvenue.

- CV, Canada, July 2012

Field Guide to the Cinderella Stamps of Canada is a very significant addition to any collector’s reference shelf. Lafreniere has devoted much time and effort in assembling an enviable collection, not to mention his research. This is a fantastic compilation that illustrates a fine parade of Canada’s cinderellas.”

- Michael O. Nowlan, Canadian Stamp News, November 20, 2012

A Fabulous Book - Everybody Needs One!!!

- JG, USA, December 2012

Received the book yesterday and had a quick flip through it. I just wanted to let you know I think the book is fantastic and exceeded my expectations. Great job and it will be a valuable addition to my reference material.

- BO, Canada, January 2013

“Depuis le printemps dernier, nous avons un excellent catalogue pour nous informer sur les vignettes canadiennes.  Cet ouvrage a été compilé de façon minutieuse par Ronald G. Lafrenière, un philatéliste québécois de Verdun.  Le guide a le grand avantage de posséder un index de sept pages, ce qui permet une utilisation facile...  L’information donnée sur chaque émission est phénoménale. Lafrenière a fait un travail digne des moines du Moyen-Âge!”

- Claude Belanger, Bulletin de l’Association des numismates et des philatélistes de Boucherville inc., novembre 2012, p. 7-8.

“This is a lavishly illustrated volume, with illustrations clear and crisp... Where detail is truly essential, as with the Forgeries section, the images are often significantly larger than the originals, which will make this a most useful tool for the specialist.... I’ve already spent hours reading the stories of individual stamps in the various categories and been amply repaid with great, new information on the companies and sponsoring organizations and the historical context in which the stamps were issued and the organizations lived, thrived, and, often, died.”

- David Teisler, Seal News, Number 521, Winter 2013, p. 4-6.

“The cover of this issue shows one of the most valuable, and recently-published, catalogues for collectors who find themselves looking at "stamps" that are not in traditional catalogues. It is the kind of stamp, label, etiquette or whatever, that you cannot identify...This new book has comes to the rescue! ... If you don't feel you want to purchase the book, why not ask your stamp club to buy a copy? It will quickly become the most popular library book on the shelves.”

- Cover Story: Finally, a "catalogue" of Canada's Cinderellas. PhilaJournal Vol XII, number 1 (Fall 2013)

First let me say that the book is fantastic!  Quite frankly I am fairly penurious (cheap) but I am always looking for new literature. This was a purchase gladly made!  I love learning about the background of issues so I was doubly pleased with your listings.  All color pictures - fantastic!! I got copy 130/150 signed by you - another plus.  Spiral bound - another plus!  All in all if you don't win the highest award in any literature competition there is no justice in the world!

- EP, USA, December 2013

“Je découvre toujours de nouvelles informations dans votre magnifique publication. Bravo!”
-UL, Canada, January 2014

“WOW - Excellent work - I think your Guide will join the other Cdn postal reference standards. Congratulations !!”
- HM, Canada, February 2014

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